Virtual Reality Technology is Being Used to Allow Women to Preview Their Surgery before Going under the Knife

For the first time, aesthetic patients can “try on” their new body or face to finally answer the question every patient has: “How could I look after the procedure?”

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 21 April 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

Dr. Matteo Vigo, one of Dubai’s leading plastic surgeons, believes all aesthetic patients undeniably deserve the best treatment possible by being shown what their new body could look like before they go for surgery. Aesthetic surgical candidates interested in facial, body or breast aesthetic procedures can now enjoy a fully immersive experience to see their new look using Crisalix VR 4D technology, before actually going ahead with an invasive procedure.

Dr Vigo first scans the patient from every angle possible to precisely render her in 3D. The patient will then be able to view her new look immediately and even after, at home, while discussing the best option with family and friends. This will allow them to feel how the new look would be in real life.  So in reality it helps her make an informed decision knowing and seeing the end result in advance with no guessing and zero risk.

This breakthrough technology, now offered by Dr Vigo, increases patient understanding to further enhance satisfaction to a previously considered unattainable level. Dr Vigo commented that “prospective patients find it comforting to see the final result before the operation. They are much more tranquil and at ease, thanks to Crisalix.” He added “It also allows patients to get feedback from their friends or family to help them make the right decision. They can even share their simulation anonymously on the only “before and after” 3D community where fellow patients can advise them. This technology puts the power in the hands of the patient which can only be a good thing.”

Crisalix includes innovative features such as the world’s first 3D Virtual Wardrobe, enabling patients to visualize their new body dressed for any occasion, from a simple sweater to that décolleté or bikini that they never dared to wear before. Dr Vigo has also launched the unique Crisalix app which offers patients a whole new level of interactivity during his consultations.

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